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Stororama is a digital platform for renting and hosting storage spaces. This can be a basement, a room, a garage, a storeroom, or a car space. Our platform is an alternative to self-storage-facilities where you can host your own storage and earn money or rent good and secure storage in your neighborhood.

Search for storage space and rent it right away

Search for storage space and rent it right away Find a private storage space close by and store your belongings there. On average, private storage spaces are 50% cheaper than self-storage facilities and you can decide on the ideal location for your needs. Just enter your preferred location, an area or a zip code, and will take care of the rest.

Storage space supply

On the overview map you will find all our storage spaces. Use the search function or the map to choose your ideal storage space. A detailed analysis of supply and demand can be done on our map.

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Rent out storage space and earn money

Earn an additional income of up to 500€ per month by renting out your unused spaces. Use vacant spaces like a half-empty basement, a garage or a storage room and offer them for rent. For your privacy and to stay protected, your name and your full address will only become visible once a booking has been confirmed. Your safety is our top priority.

Storage space demand (30 days)

In this heatmap, we are showing the search requests of the last 30 days for storage spaces. Register now to get full access to the storage demand data. A detailed analysis of supply and demand can be done on this map.

What our customers think

We are renting out a room in our basement on Stororama - without much effort. The additional income is welcome opportunity for our mortage loan. We can really recommend Stororama, because is carefree.

Irene, Hausfrau

"On Stororama I finally found a suitable car space for my caravan, after a long time of searching. I don't want to do without such a good and simple possibility to rent a private parking space anymore."

Marcus, Project Manager, Schriesheim

"Thanks to Stororama I could leave my snowboard at my base camp for trips to the mountains. I live in Berlin and Stororama spares me a lot of effort, stress and partly also money when I travel to Allgäu."

Vladimir, Conference Interpreter, Berlin

"On Stororama I am offering a corner in my basement. Similar to when I used to do the same for my friends. Only this time I am getting something in return and everything runs automatically. Super cool!"

Kirill, Project Leader (EMBA), Tübingen

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