About us

What is Stororama

Stororama is your Storage Panorama. It gives you a fast overview of private storage opportunities close to you. You can book the storage space you have chosen, in a quick and simple manner.

Or perhaps you have an empty room or a garage you would like to offer to other people? That's also possible! With Stororama, you can host your storage space online and it will take you just one minute to get started. After that you storage space can be found and booked by potential renters, and you can start making money right away.

Stororama is a marketplace and a platform on which people can share storage space. It can be for storing your surfboards during winter time or your belongings while you are relocating.

Stororama was created in 2019 by Hinnerk and Kirill . If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are a young startup and a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rhein-Neckar.

How Stororama works

Stororama functions like a self-storage. However, you store your stuff with private people. It is like any other marketplace, but only for this one set purpose.

On Stororama, hosts can rent their storage space and renters can book this space. The search for storage space is available to everybody. In order to book or rent storage spaces, you will just need to create an account!

Stororama in four steps

Hosts: Manage your unused storage space online
Enter the information on your storage space and activate your listing with a couple of clicks. Then you can relax and wait for automatic rental payments.

Renters: Search online for spaces for rent
Search for a desired location and send a rental request. You can choose if you want to store your stuff on a long-term or a short-term basis.

Hosts & renters: Booking
A booking is final one day prior to the rental start at latest if a host accepts the corresponding request and a renter doesn't cancel.

Rental start and end
On the day when a rental starts, the renter brings their belongings to the host. From this point on, payments will be processed until the renter retrieves the belongings from the host.

Advantages of Stororama:

  • As a host, you will generate additional income
  • As a renter, you will find cheap storage option where ever you need.
  • Renters pay less and have more money for other things.
  • Vacant spaces in cities and towns are used in an efficient manner.
  • Renters and hosts save time due to a quick and easy online booking system.
  • Stororama will take over payment processing and make the transaction process simple for both parties.
  • Using Stororama saces our environment because longer transportation trips will be avoided
  • Stororama personally helps hosts rent out their storage space. Just give us a call »

How a booking is made, in detail

At Stororama, we distinguish between two storage types. Long-term storage is usually used for things which you do not need on a daily basis but you do not want to get rid of. For example, furniture, sports equipment or boxes with stuff from college. Whereas with short-term storage you can, for instance, store your luggage in order to go sightseeing without carrying all your stuff with you.

Long-term storage

  • A host creates a listing for their storage space
  • A renter finds a suitable storage space, specifies a rental start date in the booking mask and sends a rental request. At the same time, payments towards rental price are authorized but not charged.
  • The host is informed about the booking request. The host or the renter can cancel or decline the request free of charge up to one day prior to the start date. If neither party cancels or declines the request, then the request is deemed accepted.
  • On the start date, the first payment is proccessed. The payment amount is equal to the rental price for the first month. The money transfer happens automatically and the renter does not have to make any further steps. The rest of the payments will be repeated on a monthly basis for the rental duration.
  • On the last day of the rental, the host or the renter confirms on Stororama that all stored belongings have been retrieved. After a short check by Stororama, the obligation to pay will be terminated.
Short-term storage
  • Essentially, it is very similar to long-term storage. The only difference is the duration of the rental period. For short-term storage, it is one day.

How Stororama earns money

For hosts, Stororama is free of charge. Renters pay the rental price. The stated rental price contains a service fee of 15%. This service fee is our main source of financing (we also show a few advertisments). We do not sell user data to third parties.


Communication between you and Stororama is encrypted. For payment processing, Stororama uses the payment service provider, PayPal. PayPal is renowned for their high security standards. The login for payment authorization is performed directly on a PayPal website. This means that you do not save any payment information on Stororama. Security is a top priority for us.