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We are renting out a room in our basement on Stororama - without much effort. The additional income is welcome opportunity for our mortage loan. We can really recommend Stororama, because is carefree.

Irene, Hausfrau

"On Stororama I finally found a suitable car space for my caravan, after a long time of searching. I don't want to do without such a good and simple possibility to rent a private parking space anymore."

Marcus, Project Manager, Schriesheim

"Thanks to Stororama I could leave my snowboard at my base camp for trips to the mountains. I live in Berlin and Stororama spares me a lot of effort, stress and partly also money when I travel to Allgäu."

Vladimir, Conference Interpreter, Berlin

"On Stororama I am offering a corner in my basement. Similar to when I used to do the same for my friends. Only this time I am getting something in return and everything runs automatically. Super cool!"

Kirill, Project Leader (EMBA), Tübingen

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