Where can I find space for my stuff: Family & Friends

2019-08-04 18:42:18

I have to relocate. Where can I store my stuff?

An obvious answer is family and friends. This is where you can park a couple of boxes or even get an entire storage room. We would recommend this option to you anytime if it is accessable to you. Because it is safe and as a rule costs you nothing or a small (non-monetary) gift.

It is also easy to arrange access - in the end you are not going to complete strangers. The only downside of this story is that you have to live close to your friends and relatives. Otherwise transportation costs and time will eat up all financial advantages .

Stororama works in a very similar way, except you store your belongings with other people closeby. Like all storage options, apart from friends & family, Stororama is not for free. However, on our platform you will be paying approximately only half of what a self-storage facility would cost you.

Like with any sharing economy company, your trust in Stororama is crucial. In order for you to feel safe we have provided a standard rental agreement in our Terms and Conditions. For renters, your belongings will be protected by home contents insurance. For hosts, your storage space will be covered by third-party liability insurance. In addition, Stororama guarantees that your stuff will stay in good order. One further upside is that you will spare the transportation effort and environmental polution. Stororama offers all options for a host to find a perfect renter. Should you have any questions regarding our platform we are always available at info[at]stororama.com.